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  • The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have. Reinhold Messner

  • Silence is something you should meet every day. Simone Moro

  • Walking for me means entering nature. And that's why I walk slowly, I almost never run. Nature is not a gym for me. I am going to see, to feel, with all my senses. So my spirit enters the trees, the meadow, the flowers. The high mountains are a feeling for me. Reinhold Messner

  • I am the mountains that I have climbed. Nives Meroi

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Adventure at Bec de Roces

Adventure at Bec de Roces

Distance5.09 km
Ascent443 mt
Difficulty E

Excursion between Alta Badia and Veneto in a little-known refuge

Passo Campolongo, Veneto, Italy
Hike to ütia Ciampcios

Hike to ütia Ciampcios

Distance9.63 km
Ascent568 mt
Difficulty T

In the heart of the Puez-Orle Dolomite Park, an adventure for everyone!

Alta Badia, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
Val Salatis adventure

Val Salatis adventure

Distance10.73 km
Ascent741 mt
Difficulty E

Exploration in the "garden of Belluno", Alpago

Alpago, Veneto, Italy
7º Alpini refuge and Bus del Busòn

7º Alpini refuge and Bus del Busòn

Distance16.04 km
Ascent1186 mt
Difficulty EE

Dream hiking in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites

Belluno, Veneto, Italy
Wild Crep peak (Mont)

Wild Crep peak (Mont)

Distance13.81 km
Ascent1070 mt
Difficulty EE

Unusual exploration in the Treviso pre-Alps in symbiosis with the mountains

Miane, Veneto, Italy
Col de Moi and the Loff ridges

Col de Moi and the Loff ridges

Distance8.12 km
Ascent1025 mt
Difficulty EE

Adventure in the Venetian Prealps along forgotten paths in an authentic and remote place

Cison di Valmarino, Veneto, Italy

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    Paolo Segat

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    My passion is the mountain in all its forms: from hiking to alpinism, from snowshoeing to via ferrate.

    I work as a developer in an IT consultancy but, as soon as possible, I leave to reach the magnificent Dolomites. During the week I study the itinerary that I will undertake during the weekend: from here I begin to dream and imagine the fantastic skylines that await me!

    I am always looking for new destinations and new challenges: the mountain is always a discovery!