Jimmy - Dantercepies – Panorama Hut

Ring from Passo Gardena with an exceptional Dolomite setting!

The adventure begins in Alta Badia again this year together with Giorgia, to discover paradisiacal places.
For the first stage we moved a few tens of kilometers from San Cassiano to reach Passo Gardena. Today's goal is a ring that touches three beautiful refuges in front of the Sella group on one side and the Puez-Odle on the other.
We reach the pass, not without difficulty since they are remaking the road surface, and we immediately find a large parking lot (for a fee, € 6 for the whole day). We fasten our boots and, before taking the path, I notice a familiar face: Giacomo Zardini, a mountain guide from Cortina who accompanied me together with Diego on the adventure of the Michele fork (click here for more details). In a few minutes he manages to provide me with a series of useful information for some more thorough itineraries towards the peaks of Piccolo Cir and Gran Cir. We say goodbye and our excursion begins!




5.73 KM

Hike type



303 mt

We take the dirt road towards Jimmy Hutte. The road is very wide and with a slight slope. In a short time you see the refuge appear on the right. Behind the spectacular Sella massif in all its grandeur. The dirt road is marked as CAI path number 2, after only 100 meters in altitude here is the Jimmy refuge, an excellent stop for a snack.
We continue through the 12A trail that runs along the scree that descends from the Cir peaks. This large block of Dolomite stone of imposing silhouette before our eyes and it seems truly incredible that there are two aided routes that allow you to climb the steep peaks. We follow the track that remains at high altitude and then rise slightly to reach the arrival of the cable car and the Dantercepies refuge. A short stop and then down to what is definitely a ski slope in winter, towards Baita Panorama.
As we go down the view is spectacular on the Boè and on the Sassolungo. The clear and cloudless day gives us magnificent views. In about 20 minutes we reach the hut built for children. Here we stop for a succulent lunch based on tagliolini with venison ragout and eggs, speck and potatoes. A good accompanying radler and a super relaxing view of Selva di Val Gardena. As a conclusion, a mega slice of homemade Sacher is a fairytale ending!
We get back on the road and now we touch a climb, which feels full stomach, to return to the Dantercepies refuge. Shortly before reaching it, on the right, our last detour on trail 654 towards Passo Gardena. The last piece of the path is the narrowest but always well-trodden and visible. Also from here there are several photographs to be framed towards the Gardena pass, the Sella group and the Sassolungo. Before arriving at the car park, an obligatory stop at the small church built by the Alpini. We reach the car and close our loop.
A simple excursion, suitable for young and old, which offers truly unforgettable views! All the shelters we visited have equipment and games for children. A short but truly rewarding loop ride from the point of view of the beauty and goodness it offers!

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Tourist - Itinerary on narrow streets, mule tracks or wide paths. The routes are generally not long, do not present any orientation problems and do not require specific training if not the typical one of the walk.