NFT: technology and mountains

The mountain joins the technological future of a new art.

Many of you will have already heard of NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens): they are digital artifacts that can represent music, animated GIFs, images, videos or any other content, apparently not concrete, which represents in all respects a This unique work of art.

They are digital objects completely comparable to the works of art exhibited in the Louvre, the Uffizi, but .... made up of a series of bits! It is the new frontier of art in the modern era. If in the past Leonardo Da Vinci painted "The Last Supper", Michelangelo sculpted the David or Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy, today an artist can propose his unique works on the net.
How can the true authenticity of the digital work be determined?
Precisely thanks to NFTs and the technology they are made of. An NFT is a "token", to which the artifact is associated, which unequivocally identifies the authenticity of the object and who is its owner. For those who want to know more technically, I refer it to this link.

You are already wondering: "And the mountain? How does it relate to all this?"

Well, what is the Mountain?

For some it may only represent a mound of earth, for others a set of rocks stacked one on top of the other that form a pyramid, and again, remote places to live in is difficult. For those like me, however, who live from the emotion that the mountains arouse in our souls every time. The same whiteness of the white mantle of a peak fill the heart of warmth of us hikers, mountain lovers (with a capital "M"!). Every glimpse that you discover while walking, looking from the bottom of the path to the top of the top, every steep stretch that gives way to a saddle that offers a breathtaking view. The arduous, sometimes interminable climb, which gives way to an ever new summit, with a 360 ° view of the world we normally live, but from another perspective! The refuges, the people who live the mountain every day, are an indispensable corollary to fully enjoy all the feelings that this nature gives the explorer. This is the real Mountain: a wealth of timeless adventures and beauties!

"And what is art?"

Art is the set of activities that create forms of aesthetic and non-aesthetic creativity deriving from study and experience. In fact, therefore, art is a language and as such it allows us to express emotions and feelings. It is identified in different shapes and colors, the tools to create art have evolved over time, they are not always the same. The works, however, regardless of how they are developed and forged, remain unchanging and represent an exact "photograph" of the historical period in which they were born. Each work has its own timeless subjective beauty!

As we have seen, the phrase "timeless beauty" can be compared to art as much as to the mountain!

NFT + Mountain = modern art!

"But why should the mountain become an NFT?"

The combination of NFT technology and the Mountain creates a true work of art unique in the world. Each of us can become the "artist of the mountain". Every single representation, photo, video or other content that contains information relating to the mountain, is an expression of timeless beauty.

Let us pause for a moment on this point. I am a hiker who explores more or less known paths and immortalizes the fantastic views that present themselves to me. Every single shot is unique! That photograph taken in that season, in that specific place and which represents that subject is original. No other person will be able to replicate it exactly. Even if another hiker does it on the same day after a few minutes, it will be different: the wind will have moved the clouds in the sky, the flowers will be in a different position, the shadows of the mountains will have different sinuosities. Those photos or, video or composition will therefore be the faithful reproduction of that single and unrepeatable moment.

Hence the connection with the deepest soul: the Dolomites, the Italian natural parks or, more simply, the whole of our mountains are a heritage to be preserved. A heritage to be shared, to be made known. Some of the peaks I've reached and some of the trails I've taken are not for everyone. With my portal I allow everyone in the world to reach these splendid places virtually! With the NFT, in addition to this already arduous undertaking, it is possible to convey the message of the beautiful, uncontaminated mountain to be preserved at any cost, even to the young person who has never seen views of this type. Arouse the curiosity to discover these magnificent places even to those who do not have the physical or economic possibilities to reach them.

Finally, if curiosity, beauty and the moment that the work represents communicate a very strong emotion that triggers the desire to "possess" that fragment of past reality, NFT is the right technology.

"Why pay?"

There is no answer to this question. There are people who are willing to pay millions of euros for a painting by Picasso, Monet or Dalì, why? Because in them this emotion or the desire to have a unique piece by that artist is too tempting and worth the money they spend. In the same way the Mountain, however accessible and open, reserves unique and unrepeatable views that are immortalized by ordinary hikers.

In the near future, MyBestTimeHiking will create its NFT collections, not so much to have an economic advantage, but to reach as many people as possible and make the magnificence of the Mountain known even in these new realities. I will use technology as a "time bank" to preserve nature at the exact moment it was observed, just like a canvas painting does.

Paolo Segat - MyBestTimeHiking
(last updated 04/19/2021)