Hike to ütia Ciampcios

In the heart of the Puez-Orle Dolomite Park, an adventure for everyone!

Summer 2024, the adventure in Alta Badia begins together with Giorgia. As the first excursion of the summer season we choose a goal within everyone's reach, in the heart of Val Badia, a few steps from the center of San Martino in Badia: the ütia Ciampcios!
A destination usually chosen by the inhabited areas of the place, consequently still far from the tourist masses that clog the wonderful Dolomites of the Val Badia. A refuge to be discovered and everything to live.
We reach the inhabited area of ​​Longiarü (or Longiarù) and continue on the main road, we overcome the RU de Longiarù on a narrow bridge, thus arriving at the parking lot of Val di Morins (I Pinis). Parking is paid (€ 6 per day) and there is the possibility to also pay by paper.
We take the dirt path with CAI Number 5 in the direction of Ciampcios. The day is not the best and the gray sky does not have the air of leaving blue spaces for today. This does not break down and we go into the Val de Longirù where we are kidnapped by its beauty: meadows in bloom, pleasant streams that gush on the margins of the path, huts isolated by green expanses and pasture cows that crown a classic mountain postcard.
After a few minutes from the start, on the left we notice the Posts Sumgers with Cai signs "Munt Corta". Let's see that the postcard scenario becomes even more magical with rapid waterfalls, a wooden bridge and the corolla forest: a dream!
In short we arrive at a crossroads, we continue rights by taking the CAI 5A variant, the simplest, longer, with a slope always controlled and sweet. We proceed in the outdated undergrowth of fir trees and spots of an intense mystery formed by the "Golden Boton" flowers. The street is quite monotonous as only on some occasions it is possible to have views of the Puez group on the left. Never difficult or tiring, the road proceeds very pleasantly and suitable for everyone.
After just under an hour of walking you reach the Ciampecios ridge where a couple of sweet hairpin bends begin that allow you to earn the final difference in height that divides us from the ütia. Now it is possible to start admiring the Puez group by observing the Cima Dodici and the characteristic Piz de Puez. Prati in flower with colors ranging from yellow to purple and characteristic wooden huts, accompany us on the final plateau that heralds the refuge.




9.63 KM

Hike type



568 mt

  • Mountain


  • Address

    Alta Badia, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

  • Altitude

    2113.00 m

  • Refuges

    Ütia Ciampcios

  • Information

    Ütia Ciampcios

At 1h and 40m from the start we reach ütia Ciampcios at the foot of the majestic Puez-Orle group. The panorama is spectacular: the mountain crown of the Puez that stands out like a wall to protect the Ciampcios, the ridge of the longiarù closes the homonymous valley and connects the group of the Odles which, however, remains impalpable from the clouds that cross it. Towards the east the beautiful view of the Sass de la Crusc overlooking Badia. The ütia Ciampcios is closed so we reflect ourselves with food brought from home and continue to reach the Stevia refuge a little further on.
Another 100 meters of altitude difference and we reach the refuge also closed, unfortunately ... we are in the heart of the Munt's ridge from Medalges. By climbing over this language of land, you would first arrive at the Malga Medalges and subsequently to the Genoa refuge in the heart of the Odles. Given the unpredictable and still gloomy weather, we decide to return to our steps and get off at the town of Longiarù.
After the ütia Ciampcios, returned to the plateau that he announced it, we choose to undertake the variant 5 with a well -visible signpost on a tree at the first downhill hairpin.
The choice is spot on and we make a ring ride immersed in the woods, between dream huts and rii that accompany us with the relaxing sound. This variant is decidedly more fun, also immersed in the woods, slightly more tiring to make uphill. I recommend it as an alternative to the return.
After the same time spent for the first leg, we return to the car without having taken rain, fortunately. Here we notice a sign that clearly indicates that Monday is the closing day of the Ciampcios refuge ... and today is Monday!
An excursion is concluded in a little known place, frequented mainly by premises. An adventure for young and old, trained or not. The dirt road with the sweet slope allows you to enjoy the experience really to anyone! Even the small difference in altitude does not tire and allows you to reach the beautiful ütia Ciampcios in complete tranquility. We will definitely return to discover the delicacies that the ütia Ciampcios has to give to the hiking!

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