Drei schuster hutte

A restorative oasis in the middle of the splendid Val Campo di Dentro

Our summer mountain adventure continues. From our starting point, the Dolomiti Des Alpes hotel in Misurina, it is possible to quickly reach Trentino Alto Adige. In fact, today we organized an excursion in the Sesto valley, after passing Dobbiaco, to reach the Tre Scarperi refuge.
Before reaching San Candido, take the road to the right, which leads us into the Sesto valley (Sextental). We continue for a few kilometers on state road 52 and we come to a large car park located on the right just along the roadside. Here you have the option to leave your car for a fee (cash payment tower or EasyPark). The daily rate is 10€. From here a shuttle service (for a fee) leaves which allows you to save about 200 meters in altitude and take you immediately to a few minutes from the refuge. Giorgia and I choose to walk the entire way and then, after putting on the boots and shouldering the backpacks, we leave for the Val Campo di Dentro.
The first stretch of the adventure develops on the paved road. Fortunately, the nearby presence of meadows in flower, the wooden tabià and the deafening song of birds make us feel immersed in nature anyway. We are on the CAI 105 path, a gentle slight slope allows us to advance peacefully between sun and shade. We arrive at a clearing that identifies the free parking for the winter season. From here, on the right, continue path 105 leaving the paved road. We thus enter the luxuriant wood of the Val Campo di Dentro, luxuriant and bright green. We actually skirt the road, but we don't feel its presence. The coolness of the fronds cheers us up on this very hot day at the end of June.
We climb in slightly steeper sections but without ever trudging. We cross the road in one point, thus going along it from the left. We are thus in the presence of the looming Tre Scarperi group with majestic greyish Dolomite rocks. We leave the wood and we also have a panoramic view in front of us on a verdant mountain with a rocky tip: the Rocca dei Baranci. In about an hour's walk we reach the parking lot where the shuttle service ends. Here there are some wooden benches for a short break in the shade. From this point the refuge is really close but the heat slows down our steps. In fact, we leave the cool shade, we choose to take the paved road for this last stretch where there are four hairpin bends that allow you to gain the last difference in height. The asphalt ends and the sun literally cooks us on the gravel expanse that invites us to the final plateau of the valley. We are welcomed by a spectacular view of the overgrown meadows, grazing cows with the bells around their necks that ring lively, in the center of Mount Mattina and the Torre dei Scarperi, the gaze then ends on our left on the magnificent Punta dei Tre Scarperi.
The refuge is visible in front of us, a few steps and we reach it enjoying these beauties that follow one another in the flat final stretch. The Tre Scarperi refuge rises a few meters above the path and dominates the final expanse of the Val Campo di Dentro. Behind it the group of Tre Scarperi, called in German "Drei Schuster". A restorative break is obligatory with local delicacies.




11.80 KM

Hike type



402 mt

  • Mountain

    Punta Tre Scarperi

  • Address

    Sesto, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

  • Altitude

    1642.00 m

  • Refuges

    Rifugio Tre Scarperi

  • Information

    Rifugio Tre Scarperi

While we rest and enjoy the view, it is necessary to report some historical notes on these places with the eyes of the first English explorers in these areas. Gilbert and Churchill quote these words in their book “The Dolomite Mountains - Excursions through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola and Friuli in 1861, 1862 & 1863”: ”The fir trees, with their short lateral branches - a distance resembling hop plants - lend a monotonous, prickly look to the landscape. There is compensation in a few glimpses of the Dolomites towards the south, especially the Drei Schuster Spitzen near Innichen, a mountain which, during our first trip, we had baptized the "Diadema", for its crown of aerial towers. We now found that it had a rather plebeian denomination instead. This time the previous one impressed Siri reduced a bit, certainly because we had seen such Dolomite giants to slightly dull our admiration. Two years later, a third visit, during which, not content with seeing things from afar, we went into the valley, however re-established the primacy. In fact, it is one of the mightiest mountains in the Dolomites and its aerial summit, as it can be seen from Innichen, truly deserves respectful attention. The height, according to reliable data, is about 10,350 feet. […] There is another reason why the traveler should not doze while traveling this road. From Innichen the valley that climbs up to the Drei Shuster - the Sexten Thal - is hidden from view by a long, low, wooded hill” [could it be the Piccola Rocca dei Baranci?] ”and of the mountain can only observe the upper part. You may get irritated - as we did - because you are defrauded of one of the most beautiful and wild views of the Dolomites, but the fact is that a Roman city once stood on that hill! And if the Drei Schuster didn't impress you sufficiently with her imposing presence, look at her again thinking that she was a familiar sentinel or perhaps even a fearsome divisi there for ancient Aguntium.” Finally, also the same explorers report their doubts about the name chosen for this splendid mountain, in an even more incisive way, in another chapter of the book: "From here the Drei Schuster can be contemplated in all its beauty, from the base to the top . It is precisely the mountain "as you think it should be", the "queen of the Dolomites" yes he would say, for her lithe symmetry, except that that bad German name of hers might lead some to call her the "King of the cobblers""
After the sumptuous break, we take the same path as the outward journey, but this time, at the level of the new-found asphalt, we enter a stony path on the left (still CAI 105) among the baranci. This variant allows you to skip the four hairpin bends of the road and comes out just before the parking lot for the arrival of the shuttle. We continue on the track parallel to the road, immersed in the woods where we catch sight of the splendid wild orchids of a bright yellow with amaranth colored tufts. We reach the winter car park and opt for the variant that proceeds halfway up the hillside in the wood called Ixen Wald, always accompanied on the left by the noisy and refreshing Rio Campo di Dentro (or Ixenbach). So we find ourselves at the restaurant that overlooks the state road called "Zum Klaus". From here we walk along a wide roadside path which takes us back to the initial car park in a short time.
Thus ends a wonderful adventure that made me discover the unprecedented Tre Scarperi refuge. A fun destination, also suitable for children. The panorama is sacrificed as the whole road is wedged into the valley, but the Tre Scarperi group and the Rocca dei Baranci do not disfigure. Absolutely to try the cuisine of the refuge. An obligatory passage on the first stage of the Alta Via number 4, it is a restorative oasis in the splendid Val Campo di Dentro.

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