Pale di Misurina fork

Panoramic excursion just above the beautiful Malga Misurina

Last days of October, incredibly summer doesn't even want to go to the mountains yet. Autumn with its colors struggles to come forward and has only managed to dye the tips of some larch trees. I return to Misurina again, not far from the last adventure, because I am impatient to let Giorgia, companion of adventures on this splendidly sunny day, experience these wonderful landscapes.
We reach Misurina early in the morning with a light mist that soon disappears leaving room for a clear blue sky. We leave the car on the side of the road just before the Pius XII institute. We put on the boots, hook the backpack and set off in the W direction towards the already visible Malga Misurina. We walk along the path in the middle of the meadow that cuts straight ahead which allows us to reach the hut in a few minutes.
We leave the hut behind for the moment, we immediately notice a wooden sign with the indication “Popéna” and we continue on the track that climbs decisively on the lawn up to a crossroads with attached CAI tables. We choose the path on the left and follow the CAI 224 path towards the Popéna saddle.
The track becomes more regular, with a compact bottom and some outcropping rocks. We thus enter the larch and fir forest noting the various colors that tend to orange while the evergreens maintain their typical hue. The path climbs steadily, it does not have many “flat” points. One of these is a short stretch where there was a landslide. This landslide must be overcome through a narrow road on an earthy ground where it is mandatory to keep one foot in front of the other. It is the only technical step, not dangerous, but which requires minimal attention and a steady step. We pass it with satisfaction and proceed into the woods.
For most of the route there is no well-defined landscape, we are always surrounded by tall trees that give a pleasant half-light but that inhibit a clear view of the nearby mountains. The climb is still pleasant, we are always accompanied by the relaxing sounds of nature.




6.40 KM

Hike type



400 mt

  • Mountain

    Pale di Misurina

  • Address

    Misurina, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    2140.00 m

  • Refuges

    Malga Misurina

  • Information

    Malga Misurina

In less than an hour from the start you will arrive at a crossroads: to the left you proceed towards the Popéna saddle, while on the right you go towards the Pale di Misurina saddle and continue the variant of the Alta Via number 3 where we are now. We choose the latter option and continue on a steady climb greeted by the first high pines on either side of the path. We are already at an altitude of 2000m, the air is fresh even if the baranci maintain that warmth that almost annoys us on this sunny day. The path becomes completely stony, we leave the wood for good and, with only the accompanying pines, we go through the last bends that make us gain altitude. The slope also decreases when we cut the rocky coast of the Pale di Misurina towards the N. Less than an hour and a half from the start we thus reach the destination of the day: the fork of the Pale di Misurina! Altitude 2140mt.
From here you have a spectacular view of the Cristallo group and the Cristallino di Misurina. Moving your gaze you can even see the Austrian peaks, then returning towards Mount Rudo and Mount Piana up to the Three Peaks. The ring ends with the view of the Cadini di Misurina, the Antelao and the Sorapiss! Several tracks branch off from the saddle to allow you to reach the Val Popéna Alta from which you can then make a loop, reach the saddle of Popéna and return to the junction we met a little while ago. We enjoy this splendid panorama and return from the same path with destination Malga Misurina.
On the way back, in the first hairpin bends, we are enchanted by the Tre Cime embraced by the Cadini and lying on the emerald lake of Misurina. We go down quickly, looking forward to the delicacies that await us at the hut.
Once we arrive, we squeeze onto one of the many outdoor tables and enjoy one delicacy after another while admiring the wood of the Col de Varda which is charged with the warm light of the sun that slowly peeps out behind the Pale di Misurina we have reached. in the morning.
A very nice excursion, surrounded by nature, far from the most popular destinations but still with a great panoramic impact! Suitable for everyone, the laziest can stop directly at Malga Misurina and wait for the more adventurous with an abundant aperitif based on typical products!

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