Pralongià Hutte

A route that from Piz Sorega makes a stop at Bioch up to the top of the plateau

New excursion in Alta Badia with Giorgia with the objective of the summit of Pralongià at 2138mt.
Today does not promise good weather for the afternoon so we opt for this itinerary near our comfortable Hotel Gran Paradiso **** in San Cassiano. In a few minutes we reach the Piz Sorega ski lifts. The morning is warm and initially cloudless. We use the fast gondola and soon we are at 2002 meters altitude of the Piz Sorega refuge (or Piz Surega). The refuge takes its name from this summit, Piz de Surega (or simply Piz Sorega) which allows you to have an exceptional view of Piz de Lavarela and Sas dla Crusc (Sass de la Crus).
The refuge offers a myriad of services, games and equipment for all tastes: from the knipe course to hanging eggs for rocking and relaxing, to mini golf for the little ones. Also for the little ones there are also several routes to take advantage of mountain bikes. There is also a dog area with swimming pool.
Looking from the opposite side of Piz de Lavarela, you have a special glimpse of the Marmolada, the Sella group, Passo Gardena and Sassongher. The sinuosity of the grassy dunes dotted with luxuriant fir trees form a frame of undoubted beauty. We thus take the CAI 21A path towards the Bioch refuge.
After the first slight climb you immediately arrive at the first refreshment point in Las Vegas. We continue on a very wide white road in the middle of the green meadows. Every now and then they peek out on mountain biking as Piz Sorega is a renowned place for this type of activity. The road runs along a kind of coast that overlooks the grassy meadows on two different sides. The ridge is called Forceles and the name fits perfectly given the constant presence of wind in this part of the path. A somewhat pronounced climb allows us to reach the Bioch refuge. A small hill on the right of the refuge allows you to enjoy a truly special view of the Marmolada, the Sella group and the Sassongher. Photo of the ritual and we immediately leave for the Pralongià refuge.




8.01 KM

Hike type



291 mt

The path changes with the number 23. The track is called “Tru Panoramich” and this too turns out to be a perfect name for the type of path. The path is always wide and stony, with an exceptional panorama with flowering meadows that seem to support the mountain massifs. You can also clearly see the Scottoni peak, the tip of the Tofana di Rozes (sadly already bare of snow) up to the tip of the Lagazuoi.
Reached a small depression, the CAI sign indicates 20 'to the refuge. In about 10 minutes, thanks to a gentle climb, we can reach the mythical Pralongià alpine refuge! A radler is a must, a well-deserved stop in the shade after a journey that is always in full sun exposure. From here it is possible to reach the small Stores hill or the highest peaks of Setsàs. A small pretty church peeps out right in front of the refuge and, a little further on, a bench with the best view towards the legendary Marmolada.
The weather slowly begins to change and the sky becomes hazy. We leave the refuge behind to return to the same route in the direction of Bioch. We reach it in 40 'and here we refresh ourselves with homemade dumplings and a screaming cutlet! As expected, the rain seems to be approaching and, after the lavish lunch, we head towards Piz Sorega. As soon as we leave refuge a few drops begin to descend, we harness ourselves with the k-way but it's just a fake. The black of the storm turns and does not wet us at all. We reach the ski lift station and conclude today's splendid excursion!
An easy excursion and also suitable for children who can be distracted with the numerous games in the various shelters along the route. The breathtaking view accompanies the hiker at every step, giving unforgettable emotions. An adventure for everyone that will remain in your heart.

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