5 torri, Averau e Nuvolau

An hike with a spectacular panorama!

On the day today I and Giorgia devalued and, from Alta Badia in Trentino Alto Adige, we returned to our Veneto. The double step Valparola-Falzarego takes us to the feet of Lagazuoi and Tofane. Today's excursion is a classic of the Dolina D'Ampezzo Dolomites: 5 towers, Averau and Newolau!
The day is warm, clear, without clouds in the sky. We reach the car park Bai de Dònes where the chairlift for the Scoiattoli refuge starts. In a few minutes we reach 2255mt altitude and just rest and foot on the path you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the Dolomites! The 360 ​​degree is impressive: we leave on the left with the Tofane, with the unmistakable Tofana of Rozes, the 5 towers with their special conformation and destroyed destination for climbers from around the world. It then passes to the crystal massif of the Sorapiss to the tip of the Antilao. From here you can see the tip of the pelmo and the owl hidden by the clearly visible Lastoi de Formin, finally passing to the Nuvolau and the Averau, to conclude the lap with the Lagazuoi. It can be said that, except the Mamolada that is not visible from the squirrel refuge, all the most beautiful and blazed peaks of the eastern Dolomites are right there before the eyes: splendid stand out in the sky of a blue almost painted.
The photos are ritual, then we unlock from the embolane caused by the panorama and walk the Cai 439 path towards Averau. A beautiful very wide trail, with a sweet climb that in a very short time ago gaining about 150 meters of height difference leading to the Nuvolau fork. Always lashed by a very strong wind, the fork is at the base of the envomonous Averau speech. Here is the convenient and large averau refuge. We dress with the windproof jacket and aim at the top of the Nuvolau. The Nuvolau shelter is clearly visible from the fork of the summit. We continue on path 439 that initially runs along the exterior of the rocky ridge and, with a pair of narrow curves leads to the center of the rocky tongue that leads to the top. Seen from above, the Nuvolau is a slender and long crest that ends its run on the top Ra Gusola. The word "ridge" can mislead the imagination, in fact the path is quite wide and is not exposed, but this type of path is truly bewitching and springs the hiker to increase the step to always see new details on the view from left to right. The snow peeks up with some beautiful Candida clasps and begins to form water rivots over the entire journey.




5.27 KM

Hike type



367 mt

Let's look at the Nuvolau fork left behind and we have an exceptional glance on Lagazuoi and the Tofane!
We reach 2575mt altitude! The Rifugio Nuvolau is right in front of us. Unfortunately, however, it is under renovation and is completely fenced. You cannot log in and the location where we stopped begins to crowd. To reach the panoramic terrace you have to circumvent the refuge on the left, on a street between the rocks a little lower than we are. Carefully we are going to walk the few meters that separate us from the back of the refuge.
Here is the terrace: a spectacular view overlooking the ferrata ra gusela which is usually used by the most daring to reach the summit of the Nuvolau! In front of the first floor, Monte Cernera stands out and you can imagine that under us there is a Giau step. The pelmo and the owl here are perfectly distinguished and give a special panorama. The clouds begin to gallop and almost all the peaks begin to have the characteristic hat. We reperciliate back the path of the first leg and we immediately notice that the amount of water caused by the dissolution of the snow is already more copious than before. The wind begins to get up impetuous even before the fork arrives. In a very short time a big black cloud begins to hang behind the Averau refuge. We overmain the refuge and we focus straight to the squirrels by feeling the rain approach. A few hundred meters from arrival a thunder is the beginning of bad weather and in fact the first drops begin to fall. Even if we are practically arrived, we wear K-Way quickly and remain perfectly dry. We reach the Scoiatti refuge just in time: a super shower fits downstairs but we are already with legs under the table to enjoy the typical Ampezzani dishes!
We look forward to the best time slightly and resume the chairlift to return to the parking lot. To be reported that Chair lift is covered and we managed to go down without wet. We knocked in the very short journey between Chair lift station and the car! Fortunately this brief parenthesis of bad final time did not prevent us from enjoying a fantastic excursion in one of the most magical places in the Cortina area! A place that will remain indelible carved beautiful our memories!

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Hikers - Itineraries on paths or evident traces in various types of terrain (pastures, debris, stony ground ...). They are generally marked with paint or cairns (pyramid-shaped stacked stones that allow you to identify the route even from a distance). They can also take place in snowy but only slightly inclined environments. They require the equipment described in the part dedicated to hiking and sufficient orientation skills, walking training for a few hours.