Pisciadù waterfall

From Corvara to the foot of the Sella group

Arrived in Alta Badia I and Giorgia have chosen to start immediately with a nice classic ride in the area where we found the splendid hotel of our holidays. The Hotel Gran Paradiso **** is located at the end of the descent from the Valparola pass, right at the gates of Alta Badia, just before arriving in San Cassiano. The strategic position and the conveniences it offers made us fall in love with this structure.
The departure of the first excursion of the choice is about ten minutes by car from the hotel and allows us to enjoy another Pearl of Haute-Badia: Corvara! Famous for winter ski slopes, the village of Corvara offers a breathtaking view of the saddle group, Sass Ciampac and above all on the summit that distinguishes it: the Sassongher that with its 2665mt dominates her with her grandeur.
Today's goal are the pissed flies at the foot of the saddle group. The departure for the itinerary is the car park Boè. Very large paid parking with approximately € 1 per hour. We prepare us with boots, brochures and backpacks ready to take the Cai 28 path that starts right here.
The route does immediately take a bit of altitude along a ski lift that will be used only in winter. The view from the path is exceptional: the eye leaves Corvara slowly to welcome Colfosco and the Sass Ciampac. A path always beautiful wide suitable for everyone, even to strollers, which alternates meadows in fireworks to fir rows that give a little fresh shadow. At about half the path there is the last piece that earns another little difference. The rest of the route winds into a very pleasant false plan. From the middle of the route onwards, the path runs along a beautiful stream, Ru de Pisciadù, which also accompanies us with its relaxing sound. The route also gives a couple of fountains with very fresh and very good water to reintegrate liquids on sunny days like this!




9.22 KM

Hike type



260 mt

  • Mountain

    Gruppo del Sella

  • Address

    Corvara, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

  • Altitude

    1738.00 m

  • Refuges

  • Information

After about 50 minutes of walk you arrive at a viewpoint that ranges from 180 degrees on the imposing dolomite walls that stand out above Colfosco and Corvara. On the other hand, on the other hand, a first taste of waterfalls with an impetuous torrent that we have to cross on a beautiful wooden deck. This part of the route is called "Tru Dès Cascades", the path of the waterfalls. From here, in fact we have several fabulous views with the stream that still runs along the path and creates loops on beautiful flowered meadows.
After just over an hour of walk you arrive at a clearing with several benches and a narrow track And the a little more fraught than cuts on our left to access the pisciadù waterfalls. We take the path that gets more bold here, we begin to feel the roar of the water and, in a few minutes, we reach the waterfalls! Brine of impetuous water that break on rocks creating a deafening sound! The route allows you to reach 3 different ravines where you can see as many points of view of the waterfall. However, the first achieved is the most characteristic because it allows you to enjoy a greater portion of waterfall. Pay close attention when taking the picture, the rocks and the ground are very humid and the slide is around the corner. Note two impressive waterfalls that are born inside a slit in the rock almost at the top of the ridge overlooking the pisciadù waterfall. Let's go back to the same way and we enjoy a nice break in the area equipped with the spy before the waterfalls.
The return is carried out for the same journey of the first leg, and you will notice several characteristic unpublished views! Upon returning to the car you can make a nice stop with tasting typical products at the "Bar Restaurant Al Lago". If the day allows it you can enjoy a nice bathroom in the turquoise pond than from the name to the restaurant. Today's excursion was exciting for the panorama during the route and above all for the magnificent waterfalls! Suitable for the whole family, this adventure must be absolutely made if you pass to Alta Badia!

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