Pizzoc from Cansiglio

From Vallorch across the Millifret’s ridges

Today's excursion starts from my area, from the Venetian pre-Alps that I saw from my bedroom in Vittorio Veneto. Having reached the Cansiglio plateau early in the morning, and more precisely the Vallorch refuge, my colleague and friend Alessandro and I prepare to reach the top of Pizzoc.
The itinerary, however, in addition to being unpublished, promises a lot particular for the passage to the Millifret peak.
Leaving the parking lot, after a few minutes we reach the village of Vallorch with very characteristic wooden houses. This is the Cimbrian village of Vallorch, wooden houses typical of the original populations of Bavaria who over the years settled permanently in the Cansiglio. Skilled wood workers, they supplied the Sereniissima Republic of Venice with the timber necessary for all activities.
From here we reached "la Faja" a small hut from which we started the F1 path in the middle of the woods: a green lung of very high faggi accompanied us for most of the excursion. An airy forest, which smells of nature and which offers incredible plays of colors and lights even if the day was not the most beautiful from an atmospheric point of view. Still following the well-marked path, we reached a first detour with the Taffarel road. Here we have chosen to take the path straight by straight which runs exactly along the bed of the Vallorghet stream, now dry.




16.62 KM

Hike type



757 mt

At an altitude of 1458m we find ourselves at a crossroads: on the right the path that leads to Pian dea Pita and casera Mezzomiglio, on the left a high-altitude path that reaches Pizzoc and, straight ahead, the path we have chosen to reach Millifret.
The path, for the whole Vallone Vallorch covered, is quite treacherous, very humid and composed of undergrowth and foliage that cover outcropping rocks.
At 1500m the surprise: a splash of the first snow of the season, from here we kept the right to climb and stay on the ridge until you reach the top of Millifret. Unfortunately, as I anticipated, the weather did not help and the view was nil. So we turned immediately and went back down to reach the path E7 and the subsequent panoramic view of the Visentin and the Pizzoc, which, with the splash of snow, resembled a lunar landscape. in a short time the Città di Vittorio Veneto refuge where we refreshed ourselves with delicious and abundant heavenly dishes.
Our goal was to let the mist that had formed pass through, unfortunately it never thinned out and did not allow us to see nothing even from the top of Pizzoc.
We chose an adventurous itinerary for the return, cutting through the woods and dry streams that facilitated the descent through the beech woods. At one point we crossed and walked the Taffarel road, very easy and suitable for the less experienced. The road in fact always maintains a gentle and pleasant slope. Crossing the F1 path again, we quickly reached the car at the Vallorch refuge.

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