Pape Summit

Surprising peak in the Agordino

Hot day to say the least, not even a cloud in the sky ... perfect day to reach the top of Pape! This little-known mountain is located in the Agordina valley between the Pale di San Martino and the Civetta. The starting point of path 795 is from Bodo, above Cencenighe Agordino: a very narrow mountain road immediately makes it clear why this destination is known mainly by the Agordini. A small indication on the road marks the beginning of the itinerary and immediately the path is demanding and crosses the small village of Cioit right between the houses. After a while you reach a dirt road used by the lumberjacks to continue the cleaning of the trees felled by the 2018 Vaia storm. At a bend there is the indication for Cima Pape and the path moves through the undergrowth, always bristling, always up with the sun that in any case passes through the vegetation and makes progress really critical. At this point in the route I had already finished a good part of the water reserves and I was not even halfway through! Fortunately today I am in the company of my friend Leonardo and together we managed to overcome even these critical moments dictated by the strong heat. Ironically, at an altitude of 1600m we also found a small snowfield that was melting. At this point the path opens and the splendid Civetta and the Moiazza stand out in front of us. We cross dry and still wet streams until we climb into the shore of a large stream for a few meters in altitude. At 1950mt the most annoying stretch begins with tall grass and almost invisible path up to a natural amphitheater where you can see the Cima Pape with its shining cross and on the other the Pape fork that leads to the homonymous malga.




12.84 KM

Hike type



1283 mt

  • Mountain

    Cima Pape

  • Address

    Cencenighe Agordino, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    2500.00 m

  • Refuges

  • Information

The last piece on the crest is the hardest: the top is almost always visible, but the tiredness and the heat seem to never let you reach it. A few meters from the summit a small detour gave us a small climb right on the ridge blade! And finally, at the top at 2500mt, Cima Pape reached! The panorama is breathtaking, the strategic position of this top allows you to see the Pale di San Martino, Mount Agner, Moiazza, Civetta, Alleghe and the lake, in the background the Sorapiss, the beak of Mezzodì and the Tofane up to the North face of the Marmolada! A sense of peace and satisfaction that few other peaks can give. After having eaten and practically finished all the water we went down and at the crossroads between path 759 and 760, we chose the first variant and we did very well. In fact, about 200m lower down there is "La Busa" a beautiful hut used as a bivouac where a fresh and regenerating fountain of clear and frozen water awaited us. With all the water bottles recharged, we embarked on the last hour and a half of a much quieter and more relaxed journey. Back in the car we looked towards Cima Pape: the summit is there and the small shape of the cross is unmistakable. A short time before we were there on the summit on that handkerchief of rocks to admire the Dolomites in all their splendor!

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