Vertical to Col Visentin

From Fais to the summit

We return to the home mountains, above Vittorio Veneto. The goal is Col Visentin, but not from the usual route, not from the Nevegàl side or from the asphalt road. Today's choice fell on path 985, with the variant 985a. Departure from Fais above Longhere and more precisely from Borgo Collon. The air is nice and fresh, but upon entering the undergrowth you already suffer from suffocating humidity. As soon as you leave you will immediately find the crossroads between the path 985 and the variant 985a, from the pre-established route I choose the latter but once you get to the Biz huts the path disappears ... literally! In its place there is no more dense vegetation, brambles everywhere, trees in the middle of the passage: you go back and opt for the path that was supposed to be for the return. Here the path is clearly visible, beautiful steep and in the middle of the woods. It also passes through a natural karst cave, the Landro, inside which there is also a small votive chapel. Reached the main road, you have a beautiful view of the Dead lake, Nove and the view of Vittorio Veneto.




15.80 KM

Hike type



1254 mt

  • Mountain

    Col Visentin

  • Address

    Vittorio Veneto, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    1760.00 m

  • Refuges

    Rifugio 5° Artiglieria Alpina

  • Information

    Rifugio 5° Artiglieria Alpina

Now the difficult begins: the Troi dei Crodòi begins, "the path of the crosses" which, right from the start, is very rough, full of knee-high grass. It is no longer possible to go back, therefore away, always forward, with short shorts in the middle of the brushwood, sometimes without seeing where the boots were resting. Very ugly path, practically no longer existing for a long time, but the position, the steep coast that climbs towards the Visentin, the overhang that is experienced at every step make it very special in any case. After 2h from the start you reach the Casere Marin, from here the real "vertical" of the Visentin starts: a straight path straight with the usual tall grass. The stakes of the old path are still there, but they are completely swallowed up by nature that has regained possession of its spaces. Obviously on this treeless ridge the sun has beaten like never before ... The goal is to see the 5 ° Alpine Artillery refuge and the characteristic antennae of the summit. The arrival on a fork is fantastic: the view of the entire Valbelluna, the Piave and the Belluno Dolomites in the background: the Schiara, the Pelf, the Serva up to Col Nudo. After a while you reach the Visentin refuge, where the Vittoriese and the Revine Lago valley are also dominated. The return was a discovery of always impervious and marked paths, so to speak, up to the reunion with the path 985 of the outward journey. In less than an hour and a half from the top to the car, a descent at breakneck speed. Truly demanding excursion both from the point of view of the difference in altitude (around 1300mt) but above all due to the presence of inaccessible (or non-existent) paths. The panorama, the summit reached on the ridge, the entire central route in the balance on the steepest slope of the Visentin , allow you to label the excursion as a real Adventure!

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