Tudaio summit

Equipped path of the Mede

After the Strobel via ferrata my friend Andrea asks me to do a running / via ferrata path to understand how to behave. The first idea was my first mountain: the Tudaio. But not for the usual First World War mule track that was used to bring mortars and cannons to the summit. On the south side, already at the time of the war, a cableway was installed that brought food to the top. On this side there is the path of the Mede which in constant ascent, very hard, skirted the cableway and, through various equipped / via ferrata points, arrives at the foot of the barracks dedicated to the preservation of food. The day had begun with a suffocating fog and humidity. I was expecting a gentler start and instead immediately the path (or rather the track) turned bristling. Once you reach the middle of the valley on the right you can reach the cliffs, while on the left the real path of the Mede begins.




20.00 KM

Hike type



1260 mt

  • Mountain

    Monte Tudaio

  • Address

    Vigo di Cadore, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    2119.00 m

  • Refuges

  • Information

Immersed in nature, wild, sometimes difficult to locate, it seems to be in the Friulian Dolomites. It is not for nothing that we are right behind it. Some equipped parts have been very suggestive and at times dangerous if you don't have the concentration and the right head to face them. The most present plant was the Mugo Pine and fortunately: thanks to the particularity of this plant, the path is very solid, the rocks fixed well in the ground and the soft branches helped us in the most difficult points. After 4 hours of walking from the parking lot we reached the top! We had the courage to visit, with the mobile phone torch, the main barracks carved into the rock on two floors! The wonderful day allowed us to fully enjoy the fabulous 360 ° that the Tudaio offers: from the Three Peaks with the Auronzo lake, to the Cristallo, the Tofane up to the Antelao and the valley of Centro Cadore and the Spalti di Toro and Montanel . After eating a paninazzo with onion and pepper omelette (!), The descent was fast (we were obliged to run given the hour) and from the normal path of the mule track.

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Expert hikers - are generally signposted itineraries but with some difficulties: the terrain can consist of slippery slopes of grass, mixed rocks and grass, stony ground, slight snowy slopes or even single easy-to-climb rocky passages (use of hands in some places) . Although they are routes that do not require particular equipment, equipped sections can be presented even if they are not demanding. They require a good knowledge of the alpine environment, a safe step and the absence of vertigo. Physical preparation must be adequate for a fairly continuous day of walking.