Pizzoc summit

Lonely on the mountain at home

Wonderful and almost unique cloudless day on my Pizzoc mountain. Departure from Crosetta following path 982 until arriving in Cadolten. There an incorrect detour on the left led me to a stable with beautiful horses. From here I took the W.B. Berry leading up to the summit.




15.90 KM

Hike type



433 mt

I had already covered it a few years ago with the legendary Ugo. From the top, without a cloud, you could see all the foothills with the splendid Col Nudo out there. Even the Pelmo, up to Punta Penìa della Marmolada peeked in the distance. The view towards Vittorio Veneto and the foothills area was priceless! Return to the asphalt road and rejoining La Crosetta.

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