Pian dei Buoi trail

From Lozzo di Cadore to Pian dei Buoi

A very hot day with Pian dei Buoi above Lozzo di Cadore. I chose the center of Lozzo for the departure. From there to the asphalted road which is used to reach Pian dei Buoi. To "cut" and avoid the succession of machines, I chose the various white-green paths that rise vertically in the middle of the woods. Occasionally you cross the road to reach the new piece of path.




18.50 KM

Hike type



1010 mt

  • Mountain

    Monte Ciareido

  • Address

    Lozzo di Cadore, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    1771.00 m

  • Refuges

  • Information

The heat was infernal and, at 1350mt, a fresh and regenerating fountain with running water peeped out. It was also the day of testing for the new Salewa GTX boots: they are mountain slippers, a show for the feet! Laughing and joking, after 1000m of altitude difference, I arrive at Pian dei Buoi: a boundless green plain surrounded by Marmarole! Ciareido is the protagonist but also the Antelao comes out and makes the panorama unforgettable. As soon as you reach the top, on the right, you reach a small church of the Madonna del Ciareido.

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