Rite mount

Ascent to Rite at Easter

I return to one of my favorite itineraries: Mount Rite. Gorgeous sunny day, just warm for a perfect hike. Up to 1800 meters the path was clean. From here on, however, a lot of snow and a lot of snow. Snowshoes would have been very useful. After the tunnel the snow reached the knees: truly unusual to be almost in May! At the top the clear sky and the snowy peaks of the Dolomites give an even greater and special pleasure. At a certain point I look at the time: 11:58 ... in 2 minutes the bells of the valley will be heard.




13.90 KM

Hike type



701 mt

Ready with cell phone for registration ... 12: 00 ... 12: 02 ... a little late today, I tell myself ... 12: 10 ... 12: 25 ... how strange ... then the lighting: Holy Saturday, before Easter ... l only day of the year when the bells do not ring! It would have been a perfect day because nobody was there and the wind was very weak, too bad. The return was demanding because the snow has become even more unmade and heavy. Many people encountered uphill have given up: only one boy with snowshoes has reached the top besides me. Arriving at the car, the boots contained a nice glass of water each!

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Tourist - Itinerary on narrow streets, mule tracks or wide paths. The routes are generally not long, do not present any orientation problems and do not require specific training if not the typical one of the walk.