Pizzocco Mount

A surprising peak in the Veneto Prealps

After the wonderful holiday in Samos in Greece with Giorgia, exploration and hiking starts again. Destination Monte Pizzocco on the Feltre peaks. Departure from San Gregorio nelle Alpi between steep paths and in the middle of the woods you reach the Intrigos fork from which you can see the east face of Mount Pizzocco in all its splendor.




13.00 KM

Hike type



1486 mt

  • Mountain

    Monte Pizzocco

  • Address

    San Gregorio nelle Alpi, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    2187.00 m

  • Refuges

  • Information

From here the path, except for small stretches, becomes stony and muddy. Especially in the final part, when he arrives at the top, he proves to be really rough and, in my opinion, dangerous. Beautiful adventure and splendid panorama at the top with a view of the renowned Dolomites such as Pelmo, Antelao and Civetta. On the other hand, Valbelluna as far as the eye can see.

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Expert hikers - are generally signposted itineraries but with some difficulties: the terrain can consist of slippery slopes of grass, mixed rocks and grass, stony ground, slight snowy slopes or even single easy-to-climb rocky passages (use of hands in some places) . Although they are routes that do not require particular equipment, equipped sections can be presented even if they are not demanding. They require a good knowledge of the alpine environment, a safe step and the absence of vertigo. Physical preparation must be adequate for a fairly continuous day of walking.