Mont Blanc du Tacul summit

My first 4000

Wonderful day finally and at 5 we are already on the glacier towards Mont Blanc du Tacul. The climbs that await us are vertical and only a zigzag pattern allows us to climb easily. The backpacks contain only the necessary, we feel light and shipped. Very wide crevasses open before us. The distant seracs make an impression. When I find myself facing a serac to pass with a metal ladder I am torn between happiness and fear. Fortunately, the first takes over and the serac gives way to a new pair of difficulties a little further on. Only thanks to the experience gained and the inseparable ice ax do we overcome the last serac.




11.40 KM

Hike type



699 mt

  • Mountain

    Mont Blanc du Tacul

  • Address

    Monte Bianco, France

  • Altitude

    4200.00 m

  • Refuges

    Rifugio des Cosmiques

  • Information

    Rifugio des Cosmiques

We arrive on a wide expanse of the glacier with on the left the road to Mont Blanc du Tacul and on the right we see the way to the king of Europe of over 4800 meters. I stop to look at it for a few minutes and I can see some climbing teams coming to the top! We continue on the left and occasionally I look at the altimeter to check when I will exceed the limit of 4000 meters. The limit is exceeded and also abundantly when we arrive at the foot of the Mont Blanc du Tacul peak at 4200 meters. There are 48 meters to the summit, to be climbed. We decide to give up for my little experience at these altitudes. The return by the same route is a set of euphoria, of infinite emotions on what has been achieved!

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