Cosmiques Hut

Arrival at the support refuge

5 hours, we start from the Torino refuge to arrive as soon as possible to the Cosmiques refuge. The cold is bitter but bearable, we are perfectly equipped for ice. I immediately understand the difference between these mountains and the Dolomites: everything is bigger, majestic and at the same time more dangerous and unpredictable. The Marmolada glacier in comparison is a playground. At the crossroads with the Aguille du Midi I feel I am at a different altitude than usual and I begin to understand the rarefied air. The visibility drops drastically and it takes some more time to reach the refuge des Cosmiques on the top.




7.40 KM

Hike type



455 mt

  • Mountain

    Monte Bianco

  • Address

    Monte Bianco, France

  • Altitude

    3522.00 m

  • Refuges

    Rifugio des Cosmiques

  • Information

    Rifugio des Cosmiques

Refuge not even a relative of Turin: quite dirty, with very few services. Fortunately, the kitchen is not bad (you have to settle) and the position is strategic. July 6 is a day of rest between reading, naps and playing cards. The weather does not improve and does not allow us even a trip to the Aguille du Midi. In the evening we meet two Italian alpine guides: Federico Cecile and Umberto Bado. Dinner is very pleasant with them: we talk about ascents, the Dolomites and the destinations of the following days. They will leave for the summit the next day, we will opt for the Mont Blanc du Tacul to acclimatise us. Afterwards they will advise us to return to Cosmiques after reaching the summit of Bianco, so we cancel Gonella.

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