Marmolada summit

Return to Punta Penìa

Punta Penìa - Marmolada Return to the top of the queen with my colleague Marco. Altitude test to prepare for Mont Blanc, the last outing before the great adventure! Hot and super sunny day. In the middle of the glacier the thermometer marked 40 °!




11.50 KM

Hike type



1263 mt

  • Mountain


  • Address

    Marmolada, Veneto, Italy

  • Altitude

    3343.00 m

  • Refuges

    Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi

  • Information

    Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi

Schena del Mul a bit difficult also because of a little back pain. A few cramps on arrival at the top: last training before Mont Blanc and eyes shining with emotion. Forst beer in Penìa hut at 3343mt: super luxury!

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